Sunday, November 27, 2011

Enamel Ware


Three Tier Green Colour Batik Design Enamel Tingkat.

 Four Tier Enamel Tingkat

14cm Four Tier Enamel Tingkat
Material: Enamel


Monday, November 29, 2010

Chinese New Year Biscuits & Kuih Mould

Kuih Bangkit Mould

(Malaysian Coconut Biscuits For Chinese New Year)

From Top: Seafood design, animals design, fruits design.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hong Kong Leong Kam Kei Moon Cake Mould 香港梁锦记饼印

Moon Cake Molds

The Mid-Autumn Festival also known as Mooncake Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated by Chinese once a year. However, this festival is not complete without the Mooncakes which are traditionally eaten during this festival. Since mooncakes are usually only available for one month of the year, they are often very expensive and hard-to-find. With these beautiful hand-carved hardwood molds, you can make your own moon cakes at home for friends and family. The detail on these molds is so exquisite that they also make excellent butter molds, and when not in use, beautiful decorations for the walls of your kitchen.

Round Dragon Ball Mould.

Round Dragon Ball Mould, Round Carp Ball Mould.

Round Kar Hou Yut Yun Mould,  Round Lotus Mould.

We sell various types of attractive mooncake molds without abandoning the traditional side of this  delicacies. There are Round Dragon Ball Mold, Round Carp Ball Mold, Round Kar Hou Yut Yun Mold and Round Lotus Mold for sale. All molds were made in Hong Kong. The molds were beautifully crafted in fine and lovely details.

Moon Cookie Molds


Moon cookies are also an essential element of celebrating the harvest moon festival. Large hardwood moon cookie molds are available in the following shapes: fish, butterfly, foo dog, rabbit, chicken, and pig.  The smooth wooden handles and weight of the hardwood blocks make molding the cookies an easy and fun process. Moon cookie recipes included with purchase. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bamboo Ware

Bamboo Steamer
The bamboo steamers allow the cook to prepare multiple dishes at once by stacking layer upon layer of bamboo racks. This extremely efficient system requires only one burner and one pan. Each dish (set in its own rack) can be cooked in its own time and as many racks as needed can be added. One set consists of two racks and one lid. Individual racks and lids can be purchased separately.
Because of its health benefits, steaming has become a popular method of cooking. The Chinese especially favour this cooking method as a nutritious and delicious way to cook fish. In South East Asia many cakes and desserts are cooked in a steamer.

Bamboo steamers are circular shaped with a tight, bamboo lid and a strong frame. They create a more authentic and tasty end product as well as offer true Oriental ambience.

Cleaning Whisk

These thin strips of split bamboo gathered in a knot at the top are used in a swirling motion under running water to clean the wok. Can also be used as a decorative piece!

Earthen Pot

Clay Herbal Pot
Used much like a teapot to brew herbs, this pot can withstand stovetop brewing on gas and/or electric stoves. Its rustic, handmade appearance results from the partially unglazed sandy clay exterior. The interior and a wide band around the rim of are glazed in either brown or black. Handle and spout are designed for effortless pouring and the large top opening allows for easy filling and cleaning. Comes with matching lid. Approx. 1.5 quarts or 56 oz.

The ceramic clay cooker and its lid should be thoroughly washed and rinsed, both inside and outside, and filled with filtered or purified water up to the bottom of the spout hole on the inside of the pot. Place over high heat until a near boil is reached. The proper temperature of the water has been obtained when steam escapes the surface of the water and tiny bubbles have begun to rise from the bottom of the pot simultaneously.

The Herb Formula or Combination, properly combined according to specific gram weight measurements for each individual herb in the formula, is then placed into the ceramic clay pot, covered with its lid, and the heat reduced to low setting on an electric range top burner, or as low as the flame can be set without extinguishing it on a gas range top burner. It is then allowed to simmer cook for 30-45 minutes, depending on the delicacy of the ingredients combined in the formula. These preparations should never be boiled, as boiling destroys many of the medicinal and nutritional agents inherent in the herbs, and will make the final preparation bitter to the taste.

The properly cooked preparation should be served in a tea cup without a handle, and are considered ready to drink when the cup has cooled enough to be held comfortably in the hand. A natural sweetener can be added to improve the flavor...such as honey, blackstrap molasses, or brown rice syrup...but generally are not sweetened with refined white sugar or artificial sweeteners. Most formulas, however, will not need any sweetener if properly prepared, since the herbs will not have been boiled, but only gently simmer cooked.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Cast Iron Wok from China

A very traditional design that has been used in the Chinese countryside for centuries. Comes in round bottom only, 4.5" depth. Small metal handles. Retains heat, cooks evenly, quickly and efficiently and imparts the Chinese "wok hee" (wok flavor). Must be seasoned.

Iron/Enamel Wok from China

This classic iron wok has a black enamel exterior and 2 heat-resistant black plastic handles. 4" depth. Retains heat, cooks evenly, quickly and efficiently and imparts the Chinese "wok hee" (wok flavor). This classic iron wok from China has a black enamel exterior and 2 heat-resistant black plastic handles. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Butterfly Kerosene Pressure Lantern

The Butterfly Kerosene Pressure Lantern

The Butterfly Kerosene Pressure Lantern puts out between 300 and 400 watts of light when fully pumped. Made of chrome-plated steel, it needs to be preheated before lighting.Pressure lanterns burn kerosene vapor, not liquid, so they must be preheated with a flame in order to heat the kerosene so it vaporizes and causes the mantle to glow. The model 828 has a small cup inside that you fill with denatured alcohol (a teaspoon or so), then light with a match. When the alcohol is almost completely finished burning, you open the fuel knob and the lantern starts. 

Model No: 826/350 CP
Description Brand: Butterfly Steel Pressure Lantern
Diameter: 16.8cm
Height: 40cm
Fuel Capacity: 1.27 LitreBurning
Duration: 10 Hours
Net Weight: 2.29 kg

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